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XXL 2018 Freshman Prospects: Why the Lack of (Musical) Diversity is Worrisome for Hip Hop’s Future

To the dismay of the at-the-time girlfriend, in high school, I was in the running for Biggest Flirt of the graduating class.  My gift of gab granted me the “honor,” while some of my peer’s acumen, leadership ability, sporting prowess, and general congeniality earned them other best-in-class accolades known as superlatives.  It was an eclectic

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Snapchat’s Fall From Grace: Why the Redesign Missed Its Mark

Snapchat has always been the enigma in the social media gamut, but it serves a niche desired and demanded.  Unlike the viral-fueled mediums of Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat ate market share for its ability to connect your nuclear interpersonal relationships, rather than exposing you to the great beyond.  Add to that the promise of secrecy

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