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Lil Dicky x Chris Brown Collab on “Freaky Friday” Track: Proof That Humility Has a Place in Hip Hop

It’s obvious that the schematics of the hip hop hit machine are public knowledge, as younger artists of today can replicate past rhythms and flows that have already proven commercially successful.  When it comes to lyricism, the hallmarks of 21st century stardom includes a braggadocios repertoire void of subtleties and flush with narcissism.   Drake claims

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XXL 2018 Freshman Prospects: Why the Lack of (Musical) Diversity is Worrisome for Hip Hop’s Future

To the dismay of the at-the-time girlfriend, in high school, I was in the running for Biggest Flirt of the graduating class.  My gift of gab granted me the “honor,” while some of my peer’s acumen, leadership ability, sporting prowess, and general congeniality earned them other best-in-class accolades known as superlatives.  It was an eclectic

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