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I met Jordan Gross, a debut author, at a quaint coffee shop near my office.  Jordan is truly an insparition – he left his corporate job and the social pressures to chase his dream.  His new book, Getting COMFY: A Morning Guide to Daily Happiness, is making a serious splash on Amazon and is quickly garnering a community of people who embody his mentality.  Jordan see’s the morning as the time to self nurture and get excited and ready to tackle the day, and squeeze the next 24 hours for all they’re worth.


His weekly newsletter highlights his best practices, and shines a spotlight on people who are learning to Get COMFY, in their own day-to-day.

This week, he shared the honor with me!

Follow Jordan’s Journey HERE

Weekly Newsletter!

Every Friday you will receive a Getting COMFY newsletter! This will provide recommendations, findings, author contributions, and more in the
C O M F Y format! These will be short, sweet, simple, and actionable letters to get you excited for the day and round out the week on a positive note! Without further ado, enjoy!

Do the dishes!
Doing the dishes is such a therapeutic and meditative process!

Say Happy Birthday!
This is a perfect time to start somebody else’s day on a high note as well! Send a birthday note to somebody in your life, let them know you are thinking about them, and give them something to smile about when they wake up!

Sample Workout

  1. 20 Leg Lifts
  2. 20 Supermans
  3. 20 Jump Squats
  4. 30 seconds high knees
  5. 30 seconds high heels
  6. Repeat 3x!


Every week, YOU will highlight what you all are doing to inspire others. It will feature contributing authors, people who are making impacts in their communities, students, leaders, etc., who are displaying the Getting COMFY mindset! This week we have…

Michael Bergman!
Michael is a talented salesman by day, and an even more talented writer by night. He is the creator of Pretty Wild, a blog that is consistently entertaining, and constantly relatable. Michael has an addicting writing style that combines this millennial feel with a degree of sophistication that is both impressive and admirable. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know this guy, and I can’t wait for you all to be introduced to him and his work. Be on the lookout for his posts on Pretty Wild, where he is posting content every Wednesday at 11am.

Check out his story below:

I’ve been told that the devil finds use for idle hands, but a 3 month stretch of boredom actually helped me uncover a passion (rather than turn to drug dealing, so you’re welcome mom).

I was fortunate enough to attend the University of Miami for my undergrad.  I was also fortunate enough to graduate a semester early, but that was completely by accident.  Somehow, those AP credits in High School paid off, and I was now looking at an entire Spring filled with absolutely nothing.   Being as my lease was signed through August, I had to weigh my options and game plan a transition into this real world thing.

An internship seemed likely, as the guidance office was apt to tell me my “work experience was lacking.” But, I saw this as my last opportunity to say F***U school and green lit myself to kick a few tires rather than punch boss man’s time clock. I figured there was plenty of time to get a job and leverage the new private school business degree, but now might be a good time to explore myself, rather than explore the world. 

The devil didn’t find use for my idle hands, because they got busy quickly.  

It started out of necessity, as many things do.  Cash poor and incomeless, I started writing a few papers for friends.  Research pieces, current events, a few abstracts, a couple case studies, and one disaster of a poem quickly turned into a tiny fortune which was pretty wild.  The important gain, however, was becoming obsessed with the process of sitting down, throwing my headphones in, and watching the words flow out onto the page.  I liked writing.

Then business slowed down, so I began writing just to write.  Someone told me that’s what they call blogging these days but, it was just my quick thoughts on topical issues and subjects that I saw trending around campus.  In Miami, that was sex, drugs, tanning oil, and Drake.  I tried to write what people were thinking, but that was no fun.  Then I tried to write what I was thinking, and just got hooked on how organic it all felt.  Before I knew it, I was racking up 500 page views per article and receiving awesome feedback which really fueled my tank to keep going at this thing.  What amazed me most was that publishing gave me more validation than acing my economics and marketing courses ever had.  I was doing thankless work that I intrinsically enjoyed.  I called my mom and told her I found a passion.

2 years later, I’m certainly not surprised that most of my day utilizes those aforementioned econ and marketing classes.  (Sorry if you were hoping for a bigger plot twist).  As the guidance counselor said, to make an honest living, understanding Freakonomics and Game Theory will help.  It has.  But, when the closing bell rings, I still recluse to my lap top to continue building upon my lazy-spring-semester “boredom”, pumping out new blog posts as often as I possibly can.  The work is still pretty thankless, but my interest has yet to wane and having this after hours project has actually made me more efficient at my desk job.  I called my mom and told her I found balance.

Writing is the vessel I now ride to peace and serenity.  I think the best way to live this life is to have your feet on the ground, but your head in the sky.  Be a realist.  But be a dreamer, too.  The blog allows me to round myself out in a society that constantly tries to shape me into its one-size-fits-all mold.  Most people won’t ever find a job they can fully identify with – the human condition makes us demand a sense of belongingness and meaning.  What I don’t get at the office, I get from my blog.  Writing keeps me sane, positive, and COMFY in my own skin.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m no renaissance man for sharing my voice and opinion.  We all do that every day.  Writing just raises the ante for me, forcing me to form my thoughts to their fullest potential.  I think if everyone was a bit less reactive, and a tad more conscious, we’d focus on life’s beauty rather than discord.  That’s what Pretty Wild is all about.  Peeling the onion.

Besides directly on Pretty Wild, you can also find Michael and Pretty Wild on:

Instagram: @mb_prettywild

And Facebook:

Have a great weekend, stay smiling, and keep Getting COMFY!

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