Lil Dicky x Chris Brown Collab on “Freaky Friday” Track: Proof That Humility Has a Place in Hip Hop

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It’s obvious that the schematics of the hip hop hit machine are public knowledge, as younger artists of today can replicate past rhythms and flows that have already proven commercially successful.  When it comes to lyricism, the hallmarks of 21st century stardom includes a braggadocios repertoire void of subtleties and flush with narcissism.   Drake claims to have the Midas Touch.  21 Savage makes public his income statement of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 M’s in his bank account.  And, ASAP Rocky constantly reminds us that he be that pretty motha f***a.  This self-praising theme is far from a new trend either, as it spans the annals of rap…which is likely why we welcome the self-effacing talent that is Lil Dicky with such open arms.  Today, he is one of the few taking Kendricks grammy winning advice.  Be humble.

And the 30-year-old white, Jewish rapper is just that.  In accordance, David Andrew Burd just gifted the community with the most hilariously innovative offering of the year, dense in his self-scathing lyricism.  Dicky teamed up with his long-time idol Chris Brown for his latest viral sensation, Freaky Friday, complete with a knee-slapping music video that depicts the two artists as the book ends of the hip hop spectrum.  Breezy and LD antagonize their own careers preaching to the heavens for a perspective change in the form of a body swap.  The next morning, Dicky wakes up in Chris Browns body and enjoys the splendor that a bona fide A-lister is ripe to enjoy.  Breezy awakes flummoxed at the vanilla life Dicky leads, as his name is still a few radio bangers away from becoming household.  The DJ Mustard produced track has already amassed 18M views on YouTube since March 15th and will likely wrack up a few choice streaming accolades before the Twitter storm subsides and we file the bit as just another Lil Dicky gag song.  Until that day, we revere LD for offering the community something different than the norm.  Self-cannibalizing lyrics with an actually relatable narrative.


A Humble Beginning: Where is this brand of hip hop coming from?

For those still unfamiliar with Dicky, he’s the jewfro sporting, Pennsylvania native who gained notoriety in a wildly different manner than the rest of the pack.  An intellectual and proclaimed introvert, Dicky songs are trademarked by self-deprecating lyrics and stories that aim for your funny bone more so than night club playlists.  Rather than the King-of-the-Jungle antics dispelled by most, Dicky paints himself the water boy instead of the starting quarterback.  As one would assume from his image and demeanor, Dicky admits to residing on the bottom of the social totem pole; an ego that is still glaring today.  “I was a pussy. I was really awkward looking. I wasn’t getting any girls at all, but I was very class-clownish and I got good grades.”   After graduating from the University of Richmond, he wrote copy for a big-time ad agency in LA, where he would submit his monthly performance report to his higher-ups in his primordial rap prose.  Realizing Burd was far from the standard office lackey, he moved to the creative side of the business where he worked on massive accounts like the NBA’s “BIG” campaign. (remember those?)  During his servitude to “The Man,” Dicky moonlighted as a screenplay writer, and used the guise of comedy rap to generate an audience and set himself aside from the rest of the fickle competition.  Finally, the shoe fit.  Shortly thereafter, his debut single “Ex-Boyfriend” garnered over a million views on Youtube in 24 hours, where people first fell in love with Dickys knack for parodying himself, and getting laughs from his own expense.  With the release of Freaky Friday, a track where LD once again affixes to his brand of funny rap, it appears that Dicky has no problem delivering from within the pigeon hole he has created for himself and in fact, takes great pride operating in it.

“Professional Rapper”
Professional Rapper

Well I don’t know if they can run it like that
But ain’t nobody else doing funny type rap
What’s that?
Well I can tell a story about my morning
Watching Boy meets World and jerking off to Topanga Lawrence

Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis – a self-anointed nickname, obviously – has mastered his craft and delivers a crucial element for any form of artistry, honesty.  Often times, we snuff rappers for being disingenuous…especially when the artist is attempting to prosper from the #FakeNews.  Dicky tells us he grew up the kid who got shoved in lockers, but has done us all the favor of not distorting his meek past for a commercial cash out.  Instead, Dicky owns his youth and current stature, striking a cord seldom, if ever touched by the honchos of the rap game, empathy.  Dicky is the hip hop heavy weight that people can actually relate too.

Who can relate?  He’s frugal.  His love life is a battle field.  And, at times, he wishes he were someone else.  Here are some of the best examples available, to showcase his brutal honesty and tendency to self-deprecate.

Life on a Budget:

Even with his Summa Cum Laude degree, millions of Spotify and Youtube streams, and a healthy record deal with School Boy Records (yes, Biebers manager Scooter Braun), Dicky understands he must be frugal.  Even in his present-day riches, he continues to live the rag life.  He famously crowdsourced on KickStarter to continue his career after his first mixtape, a sentiment he regurgitates in his smash hit, $ave Dat Money.

“$ave Dat Money ft. Fetty Wap”
Professional Rapper

I’m the type of motherfucker that’ll check the check
Do the math, I ain’t never gettin’ robbed


Hook Up Horrors:

In terms of love life, Dicky admits he’s less endowed than the rest of his peers.  I mean, his name is Lil Dicky, which he admits carries a pretty literal meaning.  He details his failed flings and confidence-destroying escapades often, nailing the plight of a normal dude dating in today’s wild world of Tindr and Bumble.  Lemme Freak explains that he isn’t above begging for a night of canoodling.

“Lemme Freak”
Professional Rapper

Two months since I fucked a lady
Young man dick going crazy
Standard Saturday
I’m about to get a cab and masturbate
Then I see a hot girl I bet I could date



The Body Swap:

Finally, we circle back to the Breezy collab.  The scene is set with Dicky being Dicky, trying to decide between the Lo Mein and General Tso’s at a Chinese restaurant. An eager fan engages him and has to explain to his girlfriend that Dicky isn’t a rapper, rapper.  He’s a funny rapper.  He cajoles that virtually everyone in hip hop is cooler than him, and that he’d give anything to be Chris Brown for the day.  The fortunes cookies work their magic, and Dicky is enamored at the life the other half is living.  He has Chris’ dance moves.  His cool tattoos.  His Ferrari. And his “dream dick” is mentioned amidst a few other phallic references.  On the contrary, Breezy is bored by monotonous suck that is La Vida Dicky.


“Freaky Friday” ft. Chris Brown

I woke up and I’m Lil Dicky (Lil Dicky?)
Ugh, what the fuck?
This shit is real weak

After the eureka revelation that they’re both better off being themselves, Dicky shows his acumen and sensitivity to the human predicament.  We all dream of walking in someone else’s shoes here and there, but the real win is finding blissful meaning and comfort in our own.  As with most of his offerings, there is a moral to the Freaky Friday story.  His Lindsay Lohan moment appears to pay homage to Dickys own struggles of finding himself and his sound, where he is now perfectly at home in his blotchy, ghoulish skin.  At the end of the day, Dicky plays his part and plays it beyond well.  His ability to satire himself provokes the almighty pathos that artists seek to uncover in their creations, which preludes staying power in an industry dense in one hit wonders.  Unlike some fakes and frauds, Dicky channels his truest, best self and wears his heart on his sleeve.  Slowly, he is garnering support of the rest of the rap community, and finds ears and hearts open to his enigmatic brand of hip hop.  While we peg him the funny guy, Dicky is all in on his craft and plans on being a perennial wave maker that’s here to stay.

“Professional Rapper ft. Snoop Dogg”
Professional Rapper

don’t diss me buddy, I wasn’t one of them younguns up on the block who had nothing to lose
I must’ve wanted this a lot, I had something to choose


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