You Can Take Tacombi Out of Nolita, But You Can’t Take Nolita Out of Tacombi

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Well, maybe you can.

Three weeks ago, the infamous taco hot spot, Tacombi, cut the ribbon at a nueva location in the heart of Midtown. Likely in search of the coveted foot traffic the “neighborhood” is known and loathed for, spot #4 for the Mexican syndicate is spot #1 for tourists — as the best tacos in the city can now be had on the ground floor of the Empire State Building. Location, location, location.

With a strong tenure on Elizabeth St. and Bleecker St., Tacombi has gained notoriety in NYC eating circles for two things and two things alone. Stellar Mexican, and a hefty price tag. While entradas and campechanos can be found elsewhere for $1, the premium patrons pay at Tacombi is worth their while, as the quality is truly reflected in the cost. The offering is essentially congruent across all locations, where parties pencil the amount of al pastor or barbacoa they want on a shared menu, making this the perfect meal por la gente!!

However, tacos and neck ties have never meshed well, and while the hoards of businessmen that plague the Empire State Building establishment is great for a restauranteur, it lacks authenticity. The environment just seems too sterile to juxtapose a sloppy taco against, which is why the new locale shouldn’t be your first choice. Go to Tacombi, order the sangria tinta, but do it downtown where tacos belong.

Speaking of, Mexican food has become synonymous with Mexican drink, and Tacombi doesn’t show any restraint in this realm. While the booze in plentiful and inclusive, like their beer buckets and house specialty sangria pitchers, there is some real value to be found sans alcohol. Spring for a “Lupita,” a Mexican styled smoothie. The breadth of flavors speaks volumes to the agricultural fertility south of the border and their affinity to all things florescent. All Tacombi shops have a refurbished drink cart/bar, which is a great place to hang your hat for happy hour. So, if your liquid diet for summer 18 has already commenced, Tacombi is a great place to just wet the beak, and leave energized after a cup of their proprietary La Antigua (coffee).”

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