Month: May 2017

The Summer Time Flu: Why Change Always Gets the Better of Us

Memorial Day Weekend is a stones throw away and the 7 day forecast is finally starting to warrant the publics ephemeral serendipity.  Shortened Fridays, college commencements, and the re-opening of Ralphs Italian Ice’s provides ample evidence to derive the fact that summer is finally upon us.  As the daylight lingers and Thursdays are dubbed “a thing” again, the exuberance that

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Why The Stage Dive Will Always Have a Place in Music

All too eagerly, the concerned parentals of contact sport athletes are laying down the law in terms of administration.  In the wake of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and other sports related trauma, the “softening” within the sports sphere is something ESPN and countless other institutions are keeping their thumb on.  Like cigarettes in the 50’s, the

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