Trumps Obamacare Repeal has Failed: How Our President Handles an L

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All of the political rhetoric in the world won’t change the FACT that the Trump administration just caught their first major L on their campaign to “Make America Great Again.”  In his 65 day tenure in the Oval Office, the Donald has indeed stuck to many of the promises he swore himself to as he battled the demo-beast that was Hillary to earn his right to the American throne.  Last week however, Trump, perhaps for the first time in his life, learned that his wishes won’t be the worlds commands as his repeal of Obamacare got blocked from the free throw line, in typical March Madness fashion.


In it’s third federal appeal in 7 years, the Affordable Care Act shook the opposition and remained in tact, proving the resilience the ACA has in the tricky waters that are healthcare and political reform.  Obamacare may not have the feline equivalent of 9 lives, even House Speaker Paul Ryan says we will be living with this “for the foreseeable future.”  While the reps groan and the dems rejoice, no behavior pattern was more predictable than  that of our Commander-in-Chief, taking to Twitter once again to fan the flames claiming “ObamaCare will explode….”  Regardless of your stance on the matter nor your position in the insurance pool, Trumps boardroom tactics within the White House should send a shiver up your spine, as his laissez-faire approach to moving forward with the ACA is about as constructive as it comforting.  After missing his first real “layup,” failing to reform a highly criticized care act with a republican controlled House, the sportsmanship of the Donald is being brought to the forefront…rather than regrouping and performing like the team captain is expected, Trump is opting to blame the refs and has explicitly announced his plans to sit back, relax, let the Triangle offense crumble, and at the 11th hour substitute back in and pull up for the Buzzer Beater.

“As you know, I have been saying for years that the best this is to let Obamacare explode and then go make a deal with the Democrats and have one unified deal.  And they will come to us.  We won’t have to come to them after Obamacare explodes.”-DT

It’s discerning, in all honesty, hearing that our leader is rooting against his own system.  The mantra explains that people learn more from their loses than their victories, but the septuagenarian that is our President is perhaps too old of a dog to learn the new trick that is “pro-activeness” when it comes to the fate of his people.  The ACA is set in place to quite literally cover the ass of the American people and in many regards, has proved successful as we are now living in an insurance pool that boasts record lows in regards to uncovered peoples.  While we can nip at the bits and find fault in both the opposition and current establishment, the game plan that Trump seems to be fond of, sit back and let the carnage unfold, is so far gone.  His business-minded approaches to political matters may prove to be successful; if government stands idly as the Obamacare train derails, then yes, Trump will be the victor.  In fact, he has already rolled out Executive Orders to continue to chip away at the status quos success as he undermines the individual mandate to buy health insurance, removes advertisements that encourage enrollment and sours the ACA reputation as he repeatedly calls it a “disaster.”  DT knows wholeheartedly that down the road reform will become 100% mandatory, but at what cost?  The roll of a captain is to lead and better the players around him…not watch the system implode to make room for a new one.  This slash and burn strategy will earn him a W at the end of the day, as the Dems will have to come to Trump with a new plan of attack for insurance within the states, but in the meantime he must understand that this isn’t the NBA….tanking for a draft pick may warrant a healthy long term outlook, but this is America and we the people will be forced to live in the short term realty.


Open your eyes to the wide world and I am sure you will see that each and every job comes with a pretty large amount of opposition.  Whether you’re the POTUS, a railroad employee, a certified cold-caller, or even a licensed medical doctor there will be road blocks and obstacles that will get in the way of simply waking up and **Bill Belichick voice** doing your job.  The resistance that professionals and laborers face is perhaps the rational behind wages earned from performing said job.  Doctors earn themselves a one way ticket to the top-tier tax bracket because of the amount of schooling they must tackle before being allowed to practice.  As a telemarketer, I myself earn my income from letting people on the other end of the phone kick me in the nuts time and time again as I try to deploy my “value proposition” and “uncover needs to find windows of opportunity.”  The more opposition, the greater we expect our salaries to be…and to me, that makes perfect sense.  Hours, education, skill, and prestige are all added to the arsenal of factors that come into play when incomes are filed in April and bonuses are tacked onto the base.  As a workers experience increases, they begin to find silver bullets that will behead the beasts of resistance and we start to slaughter the monsters that stop us from doing our job.  Referees will learn when to blow the whistle and when to let play continue.  Teachers will learn when to give lessons on obedience and when to let the lego war proceed.  Telemarketers will know when to keep asking their open ended questions and when to swallow the ego and allow their target to simply hang up the phone. Click. We’ll get em’ next time.

I believe strongly that we need a stable transition to a new realtiy that will work better and make health care coss affordable, relieving taxpayers of the financial burdens under this failed policy, and give patients more choices.”-REPUBLICAN Congressman Lee Zeldin

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a 5th Century B.C. Chinese military handbook on how to beat your opponents through proper strategy, informing warlords to always fight from higher ground, make movements in darkness, and set camps with access to major waterways.  It teaches of military jiu jitsu in a sense, a fighting style that shows how to use an opponents weakness against them, a successful tactic in hand to hand combat.  Business professionals have since adapted The Art of War into lessons of negotiation, educating professionals on how to detach oneself from a situation and use bargaining power to aid in boardroom success’s throughout the entire swathe of white collar industries.  An assumption can surely be made here, that even if Trump never read the words of Sun Tzu, that he employed them throughout his real estate career and now in his term as President.  While the adaptable teachings certainly will favor him, it’s important to understand that this is no longer jungle combat nor business warfare…his enemy is part of him and in essence, he must fight for both sides.


I find Trumps business-mindedness to be upsetting as he just gets his feet wet in the ocean that is diplomacy.  As POTUS he acts as the steerer of the ship.  With tumultuous tides on the horizon, I urge my president to not let the waves collapse on the ship that is America so that he can build a new, mightier one.  Rather than watching Obamacare implode and allowing for the destruction of healthcare plans, exit of premium insurance payers, and inability for low-income citizens to find proper care, I pray he deviates from The Art of War and seeks safe harbor for the ship he currently sails.  I don’t want a pirate with an eye patch clouding his vision to half the problem calling the shots as we head into the Final Four.  Letting the waves batter the boat will result in casualties and the captain should employ strategies to offer safe haven for not only the elites that bunk above deck, but for the all important deckhands as well…the ones who look towards the ships mass for inspiration, not resignation.


Trump missed his first shot and now his sportsmanship is shining through in spades.  Rather than doing the best with what he has…the Donald will wait.  His brilliance in business is likely what got him so far in life, but many of the tactics employed by real estate moguls and stock traders are cannibalistic and result in a zero-sum realities.  He comes form a world of winners and losers and while the world we live in today is far to friendly to mere participators, the President must change his ideology from being the buzzer-beating winner who comes in to close out the game, to the consistent role player who seeks success in the short term as well.


Resistance is part of the job and most post-grad experiences will weather a person as they show their five-o-clock shadow, growth symbolic of experience.  In most professions and fields of practice, we seek remedies to the most common forms of resistance and eventually, find ourselves to be the victors.  When it comes to Presidency, especially in the super-polarized era of the Donald, resistance represents a subset of people within its own organization.  Rather than letting attrition kill your opposition, the POTUS must brainstorm ways to bring everyone on the same side today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.  Trump must continue to do his job and move forward.  Obamacare will continue to occupy a share of his presidential plate.  Rather than waiting for the meal to spoil and cooking up a new serving, Trump must find ingredients to assure the ACA remains at least edible, rather than letting poison spread to simply start from scratch.  Do your job.


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