It’s Just Good Business

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Olympics Day 16 - Basketball

Four score and seven years ago (roughly), Alexander Hamilton (as played by himself not Lin Manuel Miranda), signed the Declaration of Independence, emancipating the new found United States from British rule.  Nearly 250 years later, we celebrate our freedom by watching Joey Chestnut consume upwards of 60 water soaked hot dogs while cracking beers on our foreheads all before dragging our patriotic asses back into work on Tuesday…truly one of a kind stuff.  While most people are capitalizing on the coveted 3 day weekend, some are still suiting up and living the “no days off life.”  Just when you thought today would be relaxing, the news of Kevin Durant’s signing to the salutatorian Golden State Warriors shocked the sports world, sending the probably not-so-sober NBA fan base into pandemonium.   Band wagoners and die-hards alike, perhaps if you were to replace one of those tequila shots with a gulp of perspective, things may start to make a little more sense.

As Randy Marsh once said, “I thought this was America!?”  Well on this 4th of July, the country is really starting to show its true colors.  While our flag boasts red, white, and blue, many still say that the stars were sown on with green $$$$$titching.  While the reasons as to why KD has signed with the Dubs don’t hold the same weight as the U.S. dosing England with some 18th century Brexit once upon a time, both entities were clearly operating under the mindset that it’s just good business.  In order to appreciate that though, remove yourself from the political sense that business is all about capital.  There’s far more that go into these decisions rather than just the comically large NBA signing contracts.  In a sense, the 4th of Juyl, marked the biggest BUSINESS DECISION in our countries history.  Kevin Durant taking his talents to what most would call the best team in the league, was also a statement made in the boardroom, not a deal thrown together haphazardly and in a hast…we’re not talking soup or salad at the Olive Garden.  No, these choices were a thing of business; for the founding fathers it was one of life or death and for Durant it was a choice of ring or no ring.  IT’S JUST GOOD BUSINESS.

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” is a saying that’s probably about as old as the country itself.  As cliche as it may be, throw on Durants sized 17’s for a second and sign over the next two years of your life and let me know where you’d end up.  Durant is a top tier elite athlete, who isn’t as lucky as Benjamin Button, meaning he ain’t getting any younger.  With time on the clock and professional sport careers about as stable as your 3 year old daughters sand castle, would it not make sense to align yourself in the best position to take home a championship?  Why is the hate, although inevitable, so massive when we see a man make a decision that is best for HIM to live out what we must assume is his DREAM.  There is no rule in the book that says greatness must be achieved alone.  America would never be the land of the free without a little help from the French.  KD may never be an NBA champion without the SplashBrothers.  If help is required, don’t be afraid to ask but don’t assume your allies won’t be written in the history books either. It’s called finding a means to an end.  It’s called doing whatever it takes to succeed.  It’s called business…

Oh and by the way, he didn’t win anything get!

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