50 Movies To Get You Through The Summer

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Hockeys done.  Basketballs over.  Game of Thrones followed suit.  The agonizing era that is summer television has begun and most people are dreading the idea of having to watch #JustBaseball.  With the summer swells well on their way, the draught is amongst us and it’s time people cuddle up in front of the air conditioning and indulge in some summer movies.

Before surfing Netflix and scouring the on demand menu, consider what kind of movie is an appropriate pairing with the red hot summer.  In my opinion, a summer movie is in and of itself a different bread than what the studios start putting out. Those greedy Hollywood execs are only trying to capitalize on the extra time the labor force has when firms begin their coveted summer hours.  To me, a summer movie isn’t just a flick set on an island.  While babes, booze, beaches, and bikinis (gotta love B words) certainly offer a nice start, there are more thematic undertones that you should be looking for instead of just stellar weather forecasts.

Summer is a time where hopefully stress levels die down and the dormant, inner child inside us all starts to reawaken.  When choosing your movie, I suggest you make your selection that encourages that idea.  The main word that can be used to describe what I’m looking for is romantic.  Contrary to the normal belief, romance isn’t just sharing your first kiss at a Yankee.  Of course that’s part of the idea, but there’s certainly more.  Romance is all about closing your eyes and letting your mind wander, taking you to places where you truly wish you could be.  Romance is following your heart rather than your head.  Most importantly, romance is believing in yourself and just accepting that anything is possible.

Here’s 50 Films to get you through the Dog Days of August:

  1. Point Break: I’d recommend the original, chock full of corny Keanue Reeves one liners.  Follow a group of bank robbing surfers as they embark on the endless summer to catch the perfect wave.
  2. Blue Crush: Another sandy surf movie, complete with Kate Bosworth surfing Pipe in Hawaii, known the be the most punishing wave on planet Earth.
  3. Paper Towns: A paper town is a fictional town that map makers use to prevent copyright infringement.  On the cusp of her High School graduation, Margo vanishes to a paper town to find herself in a place that doesn’t even exist…run away and never look back.
  4. Lords of Dogtown: Skateboarding was invented in LA.  Watch the Z boys take their love for an adrenaline rush from the surf to the turf.
  5. Fever Pitch: I hate #JustBaseball almost as much as I hate the Red Sox…but I love Jimmy Fallon.
  6. 127 Hours: This one might be an honest reminder to keep your adventurous spirit in check….
  7. American Beauty: Summer’s a good time for the mid life crisis.  Quit your job, start smoking pot, and chase women half your age cowboy.
  8. Savages:  More weed but this time there’s a juicy little threesome.
  9. I Love You, Man: Make new friends, keep the old, ones a real estate agent, the other has a jerk off station.
  10. Never Back Down:  What’s a good summer without getting into a little trouble and beating the most popular kid at schools ass and taking his girl.  Great soundtrack I might add.
  11. Dazed and Confused: Honestly, this is as classic as classic gets….NOW FRY LIKE BACON, BITCHES!
  12. Gran Torino: This ones a good reminder to always be compassionate for your fellow man and lend a hand to those in need.  Clint Eastwood is the only man who can get away with blatant and explicit racism these days too.
  13.  Guardians of the Galaxy:  If not, just download the soundtrack.
  14. American Pie: To my younger homies, you can’t lose your virginity without the help of your best boys, right?
  15. Pursuit of Happyness: Isn’t that all we’re really searching for?
  16. Big:  Here’s a good reminder to not grow up too fast…and speak up when “you just don’t get it”…and be careful what you wish for…and know how to play chopsticks on the piano.
  17. Field of Dreams:  I hated sleep away camp because I missed my mom too much.  Then I switched from left field to 2nd base and made Joanie come to every one of my games.
  18. That Awkward Moment: Zac Efron and Miles Teller, ladies.  Oh and some phenomenal camaraderie.
  19. We Are Your Friends:  More Efron baby.  Look past how cheesy it is and see it for the moral of the story and I think you’ll enjoy.
  20. Mad Max: Fury Road:  There’s room for love even when an evil warlord is hunting you down for stealing his 6 wives.
  21. The Social Network:  If you see the world differently, take a page from Mark Zuckerberg and show others.  Take your life from the dorm room to the Silicon Valley to the top of Forbes.
  22. Euro Trip:  Don’t you hate it when your little brother convinces you that your sexy Swedish pen pal is actually a guy so you tell her to fuck off and then have to dump all your graduation money back packing across Europe?  Same.
  23. Surfs Up:  Penguins.  Surfing. Check.
  24. Weekend At Bernies:  Don’t let your Uncles death stop you from using his beach house and throwing a banger…life’s short, just ask Bernie.
  25. The Flamingo Kid: One of my dream jobs was always to be a cabana boy.  I guess that’s not necessarily setting the bar high, but the tips are nice.
  26. The Heart Break Kid:  You’re not in love, you’re just infatuated.  7 days in Mexico will remind you that blondes have more fun but also are missing a couple screws.
  27. The Big Year:  I watched this movie on the plane home from my senior year spring break trip to the Bahamas.  Maybe I was still drunk but Steve Martin and Owen Wilson dedicating an entire year to taking pictures of birds is nothing short of epic.
  28. That Thing You Do:  The summers the perfect time to start a garage band and create a one hit wonder.  Ride the wave of one perfect song and maybe you’ll be set for life.
  29. Cast Away:  Don’t swim out too far now or your best friend may be a volleyball.
  30. Sandlot:  Squints is one of the coolest kids of all time.  He fakes his own death just for 3 seconds with Wendy Peffercorn…you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t do the same.
  31. White Men Can’t Jump:  Wesley Snipes hooping it up all summer taking local legends money on the B Ball court.  Ball is life!
  32. Slum Dog Millionaire:  Like I said, the summer is all about having new experiences.  If you don’t experience enough, how the fuck are you going to reach the million dollar question?
  33. Without A Paddle:  Go camping but charge your cell phone.
  34. Wild America:  Three brother head out cross country to make a nature documentary…don’t wake a sleeping bear!
  35. Wish I was Here:  Live every day like it’s your last.  Seriously.  You never know.
  36. 50 First Dates: make the girl of your dreams fall in love with you every single day.  Sandler can do it…I can’t.
  37. Wanderlust: Noun= “the strong desire to travel.”
  38. Life of Pi:  It’s honestly as beautiful of a story as you could ask for… (the little Indian boy and the tiger)
  39. Heavyweights:  Shout out to fat camps, you da real MVP.
  40. Zombieland:  Kiss that girl and kill any zombie that tries to stop you!
  41. American Hustle:  Jersey accents and summer go together like baby powder and sandy toes.
  42. Almost Famous:  Pick your favorite band and follow them on their summer tour…I’d go with Blink 182.
  43. Jaws: duhhhh
  44. Adventureland: Because when it comes to a summer job you just gotta suck it up
  45. Super 8:  I just really love the vibe that the 1960’s brings.  I think that’s what is referred to as The Summer of Love.  If I’m wrong then there’s a crazy looking alien to hold you over.
  46. The Great Gatsby:  Jeez I almost forgot about Leo.  The climax in the hotel room is epic and the heat is palpable.
  47. Straight Outta Compton:  What’s cooler than being cool?  Ice cold.
  48. Cool Runnings:  Some people just can’t believe, Jamaica, they got a bobsled team.
  49. E.T.: The Extraterrestrial: When I was a kid I thought that fucking thing was as scary as it gets.  I watched it when I was a little older and it’s quiet lovely.  Get him home!
  50. Happy Gilmore:  Because it’s time we all live in our “Happy Place”

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