Changes in Latitude

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Post Grad penny saving has begun and with that, airfare and car shipping fails in comparison to packing the whip up and simply making the drive home from college.  1,300 miles lay between Miami and Long Island, a two day affair for the savvy Waze users.  It wasn’t so bad in all honesty, good music and window gazing and before you know it you’re back on mommies couch getting pampered like the champion you are.  I-95 is the only highway you take essentially, a boring drive when you realize the lack of sights that border the Atlantic coast expressway.  Its grass and trees more or less, foliage for days!  While the excitement is minimal, the devil is always in the detail.

Remember in High School English when you learned about literary devices?  Foreshadowing. Tone.  Themes.  Maybe you missed that day in class but today I want to draw attention to ‘pathetic fallacy.’  No, this isn’t your pipe dream of having a three way with Mila Kunis and Bar Rafael.  Pathetic Fallacy was a tool writers utilized when they had the weather and scenery match the tone and pitch of the story line.  Sunny days connote happy times to come while rain and snow preluded despair, disease, and dismay.  Well, on the drive up North, the roadway was laden with this pathetic fallacy, as the Miami sunshine was quickly left in the rear view for North Eastern rain and fog.  I literally felt the warmth leaving my body, turning my bronzino into more of a Casper the Friendly Ghost complexion.  While of course I’ll miss the sunshine, this is what I signed up for.

This is like, the third time I’ve noted Jimmy Buffet in my writings, I swear to you I have Tidal and Spotify so I’m not sleeping o the new Drake, Chance, and Beyonce…don’t worry I’m up!  My Uncle and I had to concede to each others musical pallet and Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville radio would appease both parties so we tuned in.  One of my all time favorites by Buffet was always “Changes in Latitude,” a song he wrote to describe his mindset as he moved closer and closer to his beloved equator.  He croons on the hook “These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, Nothing remains quite the same.
Through all of the islands and all of the highlands, If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”  Buffet fan or not that shits fire!  Looking out the window, I saw my Miami Palm Trees turn to Carolina Willows until I finally reached my New York Evergreens.  Crunchy Bermuda Grass transitioned into my native Kentucky Blue.  Changes in latitude were followed by changes in attitude, pathetic fallacy was holding true and if we couldn’t laugh Dr. Buffet we’d all go the insane.

Miami will be missed most for the sun, to that I have no doubt.  There’s really something to be said about waking up and not having to check the weather.  85 and sunny bro, no need to check the forecast…if it rains it’ll pass…shorts and a tee are fine…January through December…it’s a given.  Surely, my alma matter is one of a kind in that sense.  Back up in New York the weather is about as surprising as your dog asking you for a sip of your beer.  Summer doesn’t mean shit, nor does winter and even if global warming weren’t a thing I promise you the seasons will changing and so will your feelings.  Pathetic fallacy isn’t something that is found solely in Shakespeare, nay, the people of the lands attitudes certainly mimic their attitudes.

Thankfully, I am returning to the N-Y with summer just around the bend.  It’ll be a nice little transitionary period into the Northeastern winter.  The summer will brighten up the New Yorkers lives while the sun not only shines on their skin but on their hearts and minds as well.  Soak it up while you can people, this ain’t The Magic City.  Warmth and sunshine can’t be taken for granted but shit am I excited for some snow raining down from overcast skies.  Sure, maybe I say that now, but the gloom and glum NY weather doesn’t necessarily mean gloom and glum people.  It’s romantic or at least that’s what I think.  It means fire places and red wine, cuddling in bed and Netflix and chill.  Floridian consistency means cigarettes and high tempers.  I’m happy to have my seasons back, swamp ass was really getting old.  Through rain and snow and sunshine and hail and wind and sleet and everything in between I urge you all to laugh.  If you can’t shine from within then thats the real pathetic-ness behind the fallacy.  30 below tundras are right around the corner.  If you can’t laugh you just might go insane.

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