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Years end and along come the countdowns and the lists…you know the ones.  Best songs of the year, best TV shows, most traveled to country, strangest celeb baby name yada yada yada.  To each their own, that I truly believe, but nothing gets me more excited than the award Webster gives out at years end.  Sadly, I am talking about Websters dictionary and embarrassingly enough, I am talking about “The Word of the Year” award.  This accolade has more than what just meets the eye, as a word doesn’t become the WOTY just for being used.  Nope, a word becomes the WOTY for not only its usage, but for its ability to transpire past the page its written on and into society, catapulting the word beyond its symphonic make up.  Last year it wasn’t even a word but instead the crying face emoji (a way of life I’m told).  2013 was not as exciting, as the word was “science” cough cough global warming.  2012 it was socialism, thanks to the presidential election and in 2006 Stephen Colbert coined a new term “truthiness” and later earned Websters prize for most distinguished word.  Welp, don’t mind me for taking the allegiance to go for it myself…I have a new word up my sleeve…one that offers a label to a way of life rather than a “what” of life.  My new word is BUSSINIST and fuck, its exactly what I aspire to be.

My friends and I are all in the same boat more or less.  Us 20 something year olds are a confused lot, prying and trying to carve out a place for ourselves in this world, while making money, remaining happy, and finding overall enjoyment.  Its harder than it looks and I’ve already done myself the favor of taking the weight of the world off my shoulders…it’ll happen people.  Anyway, as I like to simplify things to wrap my head around them, I realized that post grad and in general, career paths go one of two ways.  Are you going to be an artist? Or are you going to be a businessman?  Are you going to sharpen your craft and solicit your creations?  Or are you going to spin the wheels of the economy and find revenue streams in the midst of the financial jungle?  Maybe this is two bare bones for you to agree, but again, for the sense of simplicity…are you an artist or a businessman?  Do you create or do you operate?  Do you have a craft or do you seal deals?  Left brain or right brain?  Paint or pencils?….

Hopefully you can see the distinction in paths I’m eluding towards.  I think traditionally speaking, this is the way the world has worked and that when the dust settles, most people can categorize themselves into one of these two places.  Well if youre like me….welcome to the gray area…you are a BUSSINIST.

BUSSINIST: noun//: someone who capitalizes on their individuality.  bussinists use create a synergy between all of their talents and capacities and are able to find success doing what they love, essentially erasing the lines between work and play

A bussinist is a person who capitalizes on both their inner artist and inner businessman.  They possess a craft while also having the know how to sell it and market it.  A bussinist combines the creative appeal of the art life with the financial abilities provided by business.  A bussinist, more or less, creates a life that flows seamlessly between work and play, because for a bussinist, they are one in the same.  There are people on this planet who have found ways to make their life their work and make their work their life.  They are the people we see on instagram with “cool” jobs and seem to have everything going for them.  Welp, you can be jealous, but you can’t be sour.  Bussinists don’t come from trust fund families, they sharpened their craft to get to where they are.  They also aren’t work horses, no, they finesse their way through the system, as no paths truly offer them too much resistance.  Bussinists do what they love and love what they do.  In the truest sense, they live their life as if it were whole, rather than the dichotomized system most people sweat under.


The Rock: turned his love for sports into a wrestling clear…later equated to performing until finally landing him on the big screen.  Type casted as a “strong man”…this man would be in the gym regardless…why not cash out on it

Rob Dyrdek: naturally talented skate boarded who skated competitively.  Turned his love for “ridiculousness” into a brand and now spends his days filming scenarios that he thinks of in his down time…created a life that brings his dreams to realities

Judd Apatow: always had an affinity for comedy, started a radio show where he interviewed comedians in high school.  Tried performing but settled on comedy writing.  Now casts his movies and writes with his friends in the industry…essentially Judd cracks jokes with his friends all day then writes them down out of passion

Deadmau5: world famous DJ who’s beginning rests in his parents basement, where he’d create mixes.  After catching his big break, he now devotes himself to both creating music and inventing the technology in which he uses.  Overall, makes music so he can make more music.

In the spirit of 2016 – the generation who’s dormant potential is mistaken for laziness – lay down the obvious choices for a second before signing your name up for the machine.  You don’t necessarily need to dust off your isle and start water painting nor do you need to send in your tuition for grad school.  Think like a bussinist…find the balance between your two selves.  Create and operate.  Make it happen!  And if you see the word Bussinist as a Websters finalist this year…FUCK YA!

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