Walk Before You Walk

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Ahhh the senior bucket list…or as I’ve heard it referred to ‘The Fuck-It List.’  The all famous list of things one absolutely must do before they essentially kick the bucket on this whole college thing.  While the absolutism of an actual bucket list has some end of life implications, I am sure my fellow seniors feel the end our adolescent years just as daunting.  Well, the Fuck It list is about as cliche as one might assume.  Go out every single night in one week!  Fornicate in the stacks!  Make out with a freshman, teacher, and that chick you’ve always loved on the women’s volleyball team!  Paint the schools mascot on your chest and hit a home basketball game!  I am sure we could all accumulate quite the list, presumably mostly with sexual undertones and alcohol fueled all nighters.  I am all for it trust me and would never be the person to tell you otherwise…in fact count me in!  But I am hear to advice you on one extra bullet point you might want to include on the Fuck It list.  A far more mild and for lack of a better word appropriate activity that anyone can do in their free time.  The Fuck It list is made to guarantee that you left no stone unturned during your (roughly) 4 years you spent at your soon to be alma mater.  It’s a list that assures that you’ve kicked the tires and exhausted every single activity your beloved school has had to offer.  The Fuck It list is the last way a student can create memories before the time-bomb that is graduation erupts and the shrapnel that is the real world tears apart life as you know it.  This one activity which I can not recommend enough isn’t about the new, rather it caters to the old.  I think everybody, as often as they can, should quite literally ‘take a walk down memory lane’ and give a campus tour.

I just had the pleasure of showing some family friends around UM and within three steps I had a lump in my throat.  My palms got all clamy as if I were about to take an SAT and my legs wobbled like I just played a total 90.  I can’t pinpoint the exact emotion with one word, it was far from that simple.  However, pointing out things around school and breaking down the basics of what it meant to be a Miami Hurricane for the past 4 years opened up the threshold to a monsoon of feelings.  Plain and simple…it all came back.  Ever since freshman year getting a diploma felt like one of those cartoons where the chubby kid was trying to lose weight.  You know the scene right?  Imagine Harold from Hey Aronld! running on the treadmill with a hotdog hanging on a string just out of reach.  The hamster wheel that is college is finally flattening into a finish line and the string with the floating diploma is about to be cut and into your hands it falls.  I don’t want to be the person left turning around saying where did the time go?  Yes it felt like it all happened in a blink of an eye…but the only way to feel like you honestly SAW it all is to keep your damn eyes OPEN!  A simple way to remind yourself to do this is by doing what I had the opportunity to do today, make someone else see it and I can confidently say that your veil, the one giving you the false assumption that ‘this will never end,’ will be lifted as well.  In the legendary words of Ferris Beuller, take some time to “stop and smell the roses”

Start at the freshman dorms…go back to where it all began.  Tell the people about how nervous you were to move into Hecht residential and the repugnance that was cheering “Oh Yeah Hecht Yeah” with a bunch of strangers who you would be sharing communal stalls with.  Tell them how anything passed 10pm was know as ‘Card O Clock’ because you had to show your Cane Card to gain access to your Twin XL where you’d architect kama sutra-esque positions so that you and whats-her-face could at least get some shut eye before you make her walk-of-shame her ass back to the dining hall just to get some shitty stir fry from Chico.  Explain the intricacies of shoving drier sheets into empty toilet paper rolls to get away with exhaling you know what without it wreaking up the whole hallway…a savvy trick I learned from my RA himself!  Oh and tell them about the time you smeared peanut butter all over every floors buttons besides your own floor 2 because you were sick and tired for getting chastised for taking the elevator up only a single floor…hey, my tuition paid for the elevators too!  I hope you see whats happening here…nostalgia!  A word any waining college kid lives with as the end nears.  Its fun to think back, let yourself do it!  It’s a crazy time and I have to assume I’m not alone when I say I’m an emotional tornado these days, where a simple trigger will fling me back to an early time, when the safety of the Frat house seemed like an eternal Fort Knox.  Feel it while you are still here!  Reflect before its all in retrospect, before college is nothing more than hindsight.

Do it all and leave no corner of campus unexplored.  Within moments I promise you the memories will be flooding your hippocampus and won’t cease until you tell your visitors…”Welp, thats about it.”  Once my tour ended and I showed the guys every inch of campus I was able to streamline emotions into a single word; something I was not able to do until we parted ways.  I am thankful to say that I was satisfied.  My own veil was lifted and I realized that I truly made the most of my time here at UM.  I had a story attached to every building, every lawn, every tree, and even a couple of my favorite benches.  I beat UM into a pulp while I was here and I am content with where I am at now…thankfully still with about 12 weeks on the clock.  In all, adding a tour to the Fuck It list allowed me to take some of the original bullets points off as I realized they were not a priority.  So much of college is lived in the dining hall, the library, or for the ever lucky Miami Hurricanes #AtTheRat.  While your physical displacement from your freshman dorm room may be minimal, your emotional progression and intellectual maturity is lightyears away from where you started.  Break it down to basics and go back to where it all began, remember yourself for who you were, compare it to who you are now, then take another long, hard look at your own personal Fuck It List.  Hopefully your walk down memory lane will allow you to cross off some points that simply aren’t necessary.  My advice?  Use your remaining time for what is truly important…but thats up to you.

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