The Key

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They don’t want you to ride jetskis.  They don’t want you to eat egg whites for breakfast.  Hell, they don’t even want you to write a blog.  Of course, I’m paying homage to the snap chat celebrity of the month DJ Khaled.  The record label owning, Miami based music producer has seemingly reestablish himself in the socialite sphere of influence, this time diverging from his usual, musical approach.  maxresdefault.jpgNo no, now we see the famed, overweight, perhaps, overzealous Khaled filling our snap chat story feeds with minute long features of what it might be like to live a life after finding “the key to success.”

For those of you who don’t follow, Khaled has become the talk of the town of late for his admit-tangly comical albeit repetitive snap chat stories, advising his followers how to live “the blessed life” and what factors will “lead you down the pathway to success.”  Again, as commonplace with my rants, I’d rather not explain the influence a hip hop DJ has these days.  17-022412-why_you_should_be_following_dj_khaled_on_snapchat.jpgHis clout is omnipresent, explicitly seen through the myriad of imitation snaps and knock off Khaled-isms.  Normally, I grow weary of people and trends like this.  However, through all of the glitz and glam and the additional repugnance the masses  accumulate when they publicize their own “keys”, the after taste Khaled leaves me with, surprisingly, is respect.

I sat with my father and scrolled through DJ Khaleds feed the other day.  We watched the man eat his breakfast with a side of Circoc.  He watered his lemon and mango trees in his custom made “We The Best” sandals.  We sneered as he doused his lion statue in hose water chanting reggae-esque outcries to the heavens above.  I laughed.  My dad rolled his eyes.

I appreciate Khaled.  He’s not the brightest bulb in the shed.  Nor is he soon to be featured on ESPN’s Body Issue this year.  He won’t win a Grammy for male artist of the year and if I were a betting man, I’d put the house against him for being our 45th President.  For Khaled, and for me as a not so naive viewer, its not about measurable success in the forms of accolades and rewards.  Sure, his money layers all of his uploads, but honestly, and the reason for my laud for the man, is his smile.  Theres always turkey bacon, there is always the lion order, and there is also always an ear to ear grin.ZNg8vC547zKG.jpg

All of my friends are taking to their own accounts to share their preferred keys to success.  Spinning off Khaled or devising their own, I haven’t logged onto anything social media lately without being told of a new preface to find success.  Sleep with one sock on!  Only drink beverages at 64 degree room temp!  Eat 7 almonds before each shower and rinse your hair counter clock wise!  According to Khaled and my peers, these things will get me to where I want to be.  This is what it takes to be successful.

Strip it down and look at it for what it was when it started…A well established producer showing all of his success’s via social media.  Calling him eccentric would be an understatement.  Calling him successful would be too.  You see, while showing off materialism will never be my cup of tea, Khaled does in fact have some credibility when it comes to telling people what “the key” is.

Unlike my Generation Y friends, baby faced and new to this world, Khaled has made it.  He also made it doing what he loves to do.  He even made it where he wanted to be making it (shout out the 305)!  I understand my fathers objections to his gaudy ways.  Heck, hip hop production is certainly not a road the masses can ride to success.  I think even less people would be living the Miami styled life Khaled lives after making it big.  The point here is that just because you disagree with how he got to where he is and moreover what hes doing with himself now that hes there does not tarnish any of his accomplishments.  Flat out….he is successful.  And if its turkey bacon and apple Ciroq that got him to where he is today, then hey, maybe there is a method to the madness after all.

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