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Theres 127 tiles on the ceilings of the classroom.  Theres a spiderweb hanging from one of the light bulbs in the corner.  The class before mine must’ve been a language course because I can still see conjugations haphazardly erased on the whiteboard.  Yup, these are the things you notice when you’re hanging out to dry in another riveting installment of marketing 340.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, for an hour and 15 minutes, the boredom in the room is palpable.  Thats not the professors fault though, bless his 65 year old Cuban soul, rather the nature of the business school these days.  Superbad+subscribe+for+more_7170f6_4977884Through the slides we click…next-next-next….when the tail end of a remark just ever so slightly registers. “And some new projects just turn out to be boners!” Excuse me? Like most of my peers, my attention is ripped from Bubble Trouble 2 as a kindgergarden curse word slices through the sounds waves like a B-52 bomber!  Did the teacher really just say the word ‘boner.’

Now before you roll your eyes and tell me to grow up, i wasn’t alone.  Of course i laughed!  He said boner!  As the professor carried on like nothing had happened, not privy to what the word means to young adults circa 2k15, a chunk of the class remained flabbergasted and red in the cheeks after hearing the fallic-eque slang term.  Others recovered and rejoined the sheep, the shepard and his powerpoint slides.  The dichotomy of it all was really quite stiff…LOL.

I’m 21 years old and on course to graduate college in 9 months.  I’ve traveled Europe, read my course textbooks, have been to broadway shows and can even play an instrument if I really had to.  Trust me, my taste and sophistication for humor has progressed since fart jokes and knock knocks; not exactly harmonious with my first grade self.  Like the current name of the blog though, I took the professors freudian slip as a perfect opportunity to just LIGHTEN UP.  I don’t need to paint the picture of how bleak and dismal a 330 class can look on a beautiful Miami day.  As the androgyny of the day dragged on to an almost excruciating degree, the word boner popping out of old man Marketings mouth was better than a cold beer at the Rat ever could have been.  Lets not take life so seriously.  Lets not stifle laughter and shy from things we find enjoyable.  Get it out of your system, take a deep breath, and pay some attention again.  Carry on sir.

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