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You catch that? Sound it out….’what do you call it?’  The answer to that, my barron list of followers, is yet to be discovered.  Now maybe you don’t find that exciting or too enticing to read on and honestly, eh, neither do I.  This blog certainly could end up being another alto saxophone, a term my mother uses to describe something where interest is quickly lost.  Like the alto saxophone, exposing some thoughts on the internet is certainly exciting at first.  Everyone needs a certain platform to shine.  I truly believe each and every person  some sort of excellence that perhaps just takes a certain angle of lighting to be recognized.  Welp, its time to shine the light on my writing, a skill that has only been practiced via business plans and extended answer problem sets thanks to my Business School Major.  So here goes nothing, and by that I mean a sincere attempt to entertain a few people through the regurgitation of some of the more provoking thoughts that find their way into the mind of a young hustler.  Until then I suppose.

P.S. Its a full moon tonight, a red super moon to be exact.  Far out dude!

I remember when the first invented chocolate
I remember when they first invented chocolate! (name the show)

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