Do. Right. And. Kill. Everything.

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Right or wrong, I’ma write my wrongs
I might be too strung out on compliments, overdoes on compliments

Lets talk Drake.  Be honest, if you weren’t already I’m sure Drizzy would slide through your conversation in the not so distant future.  The man has been everywhere lately, seemingly doing everything right.  As the 6 God puts it, he’s got the midas touch.  Proof? In the Hip Hop pudding.  Musically, I should’t even have to explain, Drake knows you’ve been listening and its no wonder.  This year the man dropped a solo Mixtape dubbed ‘If You’re Reading this Its Too Late’ which opened at the number one spot on Billboard and dominated recorded sales across the nation.  The album even broke Spotifys one day stream record clocking in at 17.3 million streams in 3 days.  Talk about M’s!  Drake obviously didn’t call it a year in February, as he hit the studio with the likes of Future in the following months to release his collab hit album ‘What A Time To Be Alive’.  Numbers still being crunched…the project debuted at #1 again, in my opinion solidifying Drake in the ‘all time’ talks, no matter how much of a rap purist you may be.

Hopefully that little bit of backdropping wasn’t any news.  Drake is the king of the music world, if you don’t know now ya know and if you don’t believe me just watch.  We’re not hear to talk about the obvious and blatant; his musical reach is unmatched and we know this from the 100+ Drake songs on our iTunes.  Rather, its his ability to transcend lyricism into mantra-making, prolific phrases which seem to be universally accepted by the young population.  Thats where the idol becomes the icon.

I was laughing with a friend the other day about her freshman-esque decision to snap chat a Bob Marley poster to her followers.  Obviously thats not a knock on Marley, moreover, its an admittance to the basicness that a Bob Marley poster in a college dorm has become.  We’ve seen em all people!  Was he strumming some guitar with a beanie on?! Wait! He knew how to play soccer?!?!  bustedtees.95ac553c-6547-439c-b715-71e0b8acYou’re telling me Bob Marley smoked marijuana out of Bamboo King sized rolling papers with OCB filter tips too?!! DOPE!  Look I don’t know when Marleys face on a poster became as common sight as the sun rising each day, but alas it has happened.  I’ll use the term ‘played out’.  Overused, recycled,exhausted, and beaten to a pulp.  It’s not that its not cool anymore, its that at this point, a Bob Marley post is nothing to raise an eyebrow at.  It’s not original…but fuck it.  Green, red, and yellow is a fire color combo.

So wheres’s that leave my man Drizzy and whats my point here.  With Drakes two major releases already this year, people like to joke that the Toronto based rapper more or less supplied the hungry, media frenzied public with a new batch of instagram captions, hot and fresh off the note pad.  If you don’t fall into the population of people who have used a Drake line for the gram caption, kudos.  To the overwhelming majority…don’t sweat it.  ‘Borrowing’ words from someone with such verbal tact is nothing to be ashamed of.  Drake is one of a few people of the time that has enough clout and gusto to self-inflict the Bob Marley curse.  Thats right, I’m saying my son will likely choose to have a Drake poster in his college dorm.  And guess what? So will of his friends.  BOLD CALL? Possibly.  But I’ll take that bet any day.  Drake is timeless.

Done saying I'm done playing
Done saying I’m done playing

Throw on Started from the Bottom at a Bar Mitzvah…the turn will be real.  Pregaming for a night out on the town…10 bands, 100 bands.  Nothing Was The Same will provide a beach goer with 70+ minutes of sandy vibes whilst the Take Care album is still a bonafide collection of road trip anthems.   Heck, I can even be quoted saying that my wife and I will share our first dance to Hold On We’re Going Home.  In the 15 years it’ll take for me to jump the broom, that track will mature into Aerosmiths ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.’  Heart Break Drake!

So heres how I suggest we walk away from this one.  Accept that its Drakes world, and we’re just living in it.

His music will stay on top, whether it deserves to be or not.  His fashion decisions will lead the elementary trends of his fan base, foolish or flashy.  Most importantly, his words will be cropped and chopped into millions of fragments, superimposed onto a picture of the Miami skyline, printed in black and white,  before finally, being scotched taped to the wall aside your bed.

Simply put, when your face is used as home decor, I think it’s safe to say you made it.  Profound!

Aint know nothin bout no Drake

You know its real when you are who you think you are
You know its real when you are who you think you are

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